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8 Top Tips For Securing The Job of Your Dreams

1. You’ve got 6 seconds

When you send in your application it is estimated that most employers will decide in 6 seconds whether to read more or move to the next application - Do things to make yourself standout from the rest:

2. Format your Resume well

  • Try to add some colour to both your resume and cover letter (check out our resume builder here)
  • Sell yourself in cover letter in the first paragraph
  • Don’t be humble in your resume – flaunt your achievements.
  • Prepare some responses before you go into your interview
  • Read the Position Description and Job Advertisement before attending the interview
  • Research the people who are interviewing you online – not like a weirdo stalker – just their LinkedIn or professional profiles
  • Prepare some examples of what you have achieved that would be relevant to the role and then practice how you will present the information.

3. First impressions count

I know that workplaces are getting more casual in their approach to attire but, seriously, jeans will not pass muster for a job interview - so borrow a suit if you need to, shave, get a haircut or tie your hair back as relevant. You will find when you look your sparkling Beyoncé best, that you in fact become more confident too!

4. Question the interviewer

Check out our top 10 questions you can ask an interviewer here. Trust me on this one - asking 3 great questions will really help to win over the interviewer(s) and help you gain some excitement for the role.

5. Always be positive

  • Don’t talk smack about your last boss – even if you didn’t get along
  • Be positive about the role (if your answer starts with “at least it is better than…” you are probably on the wrong track).

6. Just answer the question!

It may be tempting to try and make an impression with a long drawn out example, however your interviewers will appreciate it if you stay on point and provide valid concise examples. It will make it easier to assess your ability to do the role and form a positive impression.

7. Your online impression

If your LinkedIn picture is one of you at a party with a bottle of champagne, you will need to change it! Any phone can get a half decent shot of you in professional clothing and this would set a much better tone.

Your Facebook privacy setting should be locked down and your profile picture matters (remove the rave pics and replace with fitness shots)

8. Get a job fit for you

Sometimes we apply for roles because the lure of a better salary or prestige is tempting, however in the long run if you have a bunch of short stints at jobs because you didn’t enjoy the role this can make you appear flighty to perspective employers – making it harder in the long run to get that dream job. Less money with a longer stay will set you up for success in the long run!